Each spoon and fork design is hand welded with a stainless steel wire in order to keep the rust-free nature of the metal. They are then buffed with an extra fine wire wheel to give a smooth brushed finish and finally hand bent with channel lock pliers and linesman pliers to a desired design. Each flatware component is recycled.

Baseball Fork $35.00

Baseball Spoon $35.00

Basketball Fork $35.00

Basketball Spoon $35.00

Bird Shot Fork $35.00

Bird Shot Spoon $35.00

Double Bird Fork $35.00

Double Bird Spoon $35.00 

Fisherman Fork $35.00

Fisherman Spoon $35.00

Football Fork $35.00

Football Spoon $35.00

Golf Fork $35.00

Golf Spoon $35.00

Hockey Spoon $35.00

Hockey Fork $35.00

Ski Spoon $35.00

Ski Fork $35.00

Soccer Fork $35.00

Soccer Spoon $35.00

Salt & Pepper Fork $35.00

Salt & Pepper Spoon $35.00

Tennis Spoon $35.00

Tennis Fork $35.00